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BMW i8 Sports Cars

If you are looking for a fun, sporty car that has a great performance, consider the BMW i8. There is a roadster and a coupe version, and both can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in under four seconds. Whether you want to cruise the streets in your BMW, or blaze a trail across the country, an i8 can do it all. Read on to learn more about these cars and how they can fit into your lifestyle.

BMW’s first sporty car

The BMW 328 was the company’s first sporty car, and it immediately became popular amongst BMW racers and gentleman drivers. In fact, the car won the prestigious Mille Miglia road race in 1940. It is an extremely lightweight car, and it helped put the German manufacturer on the map worldwide. It is a very sought after collector’s item today. It is still available today, but you will pay a pretty penny to buy one.

The 2002 Turbo

The 2002 Turbo is one of the rarest BMW sports cars. While it was favored by sports car racers, it is only now being sold as a collector’s item. As of last year, there are only about ten 2002 Turbo cars for sale on the market. A new owner is likely to pay a little more than $77,000 for this sports car. Here’s how to find one at a good price.

The 3.0 CSL

In the 1970s, the BMW 3.0 CSL was arguably the most iconic model from the brand. It was designed to look like a street-legal race car, with a front air dam and twin circular holes. The body was also matte black, and the car was adorned with numerous aerodynamic devices. The car was also the first BMW Art Car, with its paint scheme designed by Alexander Calder.

The 2020 BMW i8

If you’re looking for a hybrid supercar, the 2020 BMW i8 sports car is one option. Available as either a coupe or a convertible roadster, this electric supercar offers an impressive blend of performance and economy. While it might not be as fun to drive as a Porsche 911, it’s still worth considering for its dramatic styling and eco-conscious image. The vehicle also offers plenty of power and good mileage, although enthusiasts might find the driving experience a bit distant.

The Alpina B8 Gran Coupe

The 2022 BMW AlpinaB8 Gran Coupe is a grand touring luxury car with a high top speed of 160 mph. It is an outstanding handling car that is capable of handling fast track runs. Although the Alpina B8 Gran Coupe is based on the standard 8 Series, it feels like an Alpina. The interior is adorned with exclusive Alpina logos and has a sporty, luxurious feel.

The 2020 BMW i8’s aerodynamic design

The exterior of the 2020 BMW i8 combines a sporty appeal with high-tech materials, including carbon fiber reinforced plastic and recycled and renewable energy aluminum. This car embodies the concept of the “V-shaped black belt” that frames the front hood and runs the length of the sleek roofline. The car also features “stream flow” lines along its flanks and rear lights, which are designed to channel air toward the rear.

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