Delaware Cities

Delaware Cities

You have probably heard of some of the many delaware cities, but do you know what they are and what makes them unique? Read on to learn more about these cities. The small Mid-Atlantic state of Delaware is a peninsula with dune-backed beaches that borders the Atlantic Ocean, Delaware River, and Delaware Bay. Historic landmarks include First State Heritage Park, which encompasses several 18th-century Colonial buildings, including the Georgian-style Old State House. Wilmington is a popular beach town and is home to the Riverfront district, which is lined with boutiques and restaurants.

The population of Delaware cities is estimated from the latest census data. The state is located on the Atlantic coastal plain, with the lowest mean elevation of any US state. Delaware’s highest elevation is 460 feet (140 m), in a mobile home park near the official benchmark monument of Ebright Azimuth. Some of the major rivers in Delaware include the Delaware River, Mispillion River, Indian and Nanticoke rivers.

Property crime is moderate in Delaware, with Clayton holding onto the top spot for a second year in a row. Although all 10 cities in Delaware have a decreased property crime rate, the rate of violent crime in Delaware is higher than the national average. While Delaware has a lower overall crime rate than the country, it has higher than average rates of aggravated assault and motor vehicle theft. Despite this low rate, some cities are more dangerous than others for women.

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