Lego Star Wars Games

The Fun of Playing Lego Star Wars Games

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Lego Star Wars games is the attention to detail. Everything is made of Lego bricks, including the level design. Some levels use virtual plastic for every single building block. Even seams on characters’ heads and Lego logos hidden inside their minifigure arms are detailed. Even the battle sequences are highly detailed, with unique combat animations for each character. The game is highly addictive, with more than five million players worldwide playing at one time.

This series of games is geared towards family play and does not have a game over scenario. Each scenario is based on a specific movie scene. In most cases, two players can play at once, switching between characters to utilize their strengths and weaknesses. Some games also include collecting Lego Studs, which are small coins that can be gathered by smashing objects or defeating enemies. There are even games for the older kids, too.

The gameplay of Lego Star Wars games is still evolving. While the original game was released almost a decade ago, the games have been updated since. There are now many different Lego Star Wars games, covering each era of the nine Star Wars films. The games are available for both PCs and consoles. Unlike the original Lego games, these games do not necessarily have to be played in order. You can play any one of the nine games at any time, regardless of which movie you have seen.

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